HALF in LOVE (Single)

by Sun Sweet Sun




La la la la la la la love
La la la la la la la love
I'm burning in my heart for you from morning until night
Oh a whoa oh oh oh oh
I've never know a pain so sweet; our souls are both alight
Oh a whoa oh oh oh oh
And I feel like I could die every thyme we kiss good night
But I know he'll never love you like I do
We are only half in la la la la

You wear his ring around yr neck and hang it from my rearview mirror oh a whoa. . .
By day yr his but by night yr mine and that's alright with me oh a whoa oh oh oh oh
By night we come alive and I will have you home by 5
No one ever ever need to know
We are only half in. . .


released February 15, 2012

Artwork: "Narciso," glass.

James Wesley Nichols: song, singing
Jake Xingu: synthesizer, sequencing, effects


all rights reserved



James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

All songs, voices, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sequencing, tape and digital recording, artwork, design, packaging, and so on, by James Wesley Nichols, unless otherwise indicated.

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