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The sequel to GOODBYE, STRANGE PLANET is a tour-de-force of immaculately composed pop songs with themes of love and isolation and anxiety and jealousy illustrated with lots of campy space and sci-fi and drag imagery.

It's also a feast of synths and simulated orchestras, pointillist melodies, abrupt changes in tonality and instrumentation, lush vocal harmony, multi-take collage arrangements, and occasional blasts of trademark explosive guitar noise.


released June 1, 2013

JAMES WESLEY NICHOLS - voices, synthesizer, sequencer, sampling, jazzmaster, fuzz, feedback, acoustic, effects pedals, organ, piano, Marsona 1200, AM radio, tape effects.

Additional vocals by Lily Knights.

All songs written and recorded by James Wesley Nichols (ASCAP) 2012.

Produced by PROFESSOR SEX at the PINK AMOEBA Recording Studio & Sawmill near Greenville, SC.


all rights reserved



James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

All songs, voices, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sequencing, tape and digital recording, artwork, design, packaging, and so on, by James Wesley Nichols, unless otherwise indicated.

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Track Name: Cryosleep/Hyperspace Lullaby
In the shadow of great Jupiter
Lies a moon called Ganymede
Which we left one month ago.
The crew are in cryoslumber
And all their vitals read:
“Stable heartbeat, breathing slow.”
It is quite a long trip back to Earth
For the starship Pizarro
Track Name: The Science Officer's Dream
Lord, it was worth all the alien trouble
To get better views than the telescope Hubble.
Of colors so bright you’d reenvision the night
And star clusters drifting like bubbles.

This is like a dream, a lovely sort of dream.
No, I’m not asleep; it’s a waking sort of dream.

Black holes and quasars, demons and dragons
Are not difficult to see or imagine.
A million parsecs from home and I feel so alone
Without you my love, how vast is heaven!

This is like a dream, but it’s a lonely sort of dream
If I were asleep, then I would see you in my dreams.

All the dark matter in the observable universe
Could never fill the cracks in my broken heart.

Through my porthole I saw with infrared clarity
Some fractally replicating singularity.
Iridescent spirals simply dazzled my eyeballs
It was a true astronomical rarity

This is like a dream, a lonely sort of dream
Outer space is so cold when you sleep alone.
Track Name: We Come in Peace/Star Party

Prior to this morning you didn’t know we were alive
But you raised all your defenses the moment we arrived
You said our orientation was obviously wrong
But our ship’s navigation led us to you with this song:
Lay down your arms!
Be at your ease.
We mean no harm.
We come in peace!

You would only read us with words like laser beams
“Are you Virgin Mary, Jesus or something in between?”
We’ve taped and tucked; we’ve plucked, made up to look our best
We’ve tried so hard to pass but failed your every test


We don’t want any trouble starting
We’ve truly only come to party.
Track Name: Alien Girl
I met a girl one night in the weirdest dream
She came down from the stars or so it seemed
She said she’d come from some strange distant moon
And asked if I would visit soon

Oh alien girl how could you be real?
Yeah, alien girl how strange I feel.

And then one night I saw a light in the sky
When her ship descended before my eyes.
She was as lovely as the borealis
When she emerged from her silken chrysalis

Oh alien girl I’m so in love
With you, alien girl from above.

The girls from Planet Earth are lovely, sweet and kind.
But Zsi Zsi leaves them all behind

True love is universal gravity
It shrinks the space between us infinitely
I am in orbit around her heavenly body
She’s a star with immeasurable luminosity

Oh alien girl I’m so in love
With you, alien girl from above
Yeah alien girl I love you
Yeah alien girl I love you.
Track Name: KRL-EQ (Jealous Robot)
I need to have a talk with you
I’m feeling so alive and new
I assembled you from spare parts;
I even gave you a clockwork heart
You have become my very best friend;
You always have an ear to lend
My famous robot KRL-EQ.

I am in love and that’s the truth
She is from space; her hair is blue
She brings the sunshine with her smile
It lights the sky for miles and miles
She is called Zsi Zsi and she loves me
Oh, how could I be so lucky?
Tell me, tell me KRL-EQ.

Then I had another one of those dreams
Those amazing alien loins purloined!

Please tell me what’s come over you
You seem a bit distant and blue.
Do you need to take a break and rest?
Or have you something to get off your chest?
You seem to suffer some unnamed strain;
Don’t overload your positronic brain.
I’m concerned about you, KRL-EQ.
I’m concerned about you, KRL-EQ.
Track Name: (Let Me See) Sweet Zsi Zsi from Space
I fell for a girl from the sky
But she ran off with a robot
Why why oh why in the world
Are they headed for the Great Red Spot?
Oh God let me see, yes let me see
Let me see my sweet Zsi Zsi from space.

I guess I was spending too much time
Looking through my telescope
To see that she was starting to change her mind
And wanting more and more to go.
Oh please let me see, yeah let me see
Let me see my sweet Zsi Zsi from space.

Take a look, darling, at your surveillance cameras:
I’ve been abducted by that jealous robot KRL-EQ, oh no!

I am now off to search the moons of Jupiter
Where KRL-EQ took sweet Zsi Zsi.
But should I even trust my ship’s computer?
Can A.I. still do right by me?
Oh please God let me see, yes let me see
Let me see my sweet Zsi Zsi from space.
Let me see, yes let me see
Let me see my sweet Zsi Zsi from space.
Track Name: Half a Galaxy Away
I recall the scene so vividly
Before you went back to space;
We had reached a sad impasse.
You were looking rather loverly
In sequins and lace
But the space between us seemed so vast.
I recall the scene quite vividly
Because you seemed to be
Half a galaxy away.

You were standing right in front of me
But your eyes were so far away.
Where had you gone?
Your makeup was a catastrophe
And you had nothing to say.
Where had you gone?
Your body’s right in front of me
But your heart seems to be
Half a galaxy away.

Where in the heavens have you gone?
I’ve lost all trace of you.
I will search the sky far and wide
For you my love.

You were looking quite androgynous
With your tight silver coveralls
Narrow hips and boyish hair.
I felt a little envious
For your heels so thin and tall
Attracting boys and girls to stare.
I recall the scene so vividly
Though now you’re probably
Half a galaxy away
Half a galaxy away
Track Name: Spacemen
On this long, cold trip
Through the vacuum of space
I miss your lips
And I miss your face.
Will I ever see my baby again?
It is so lonely in post-orbital spin

‘Cause even spacemen need
A little bit of love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Even space men need
A little bit of love at night.

I have traveled far;
I have traveled wide.
Binary stars
Pulse as we go by.
In each burning sphere
I see your bright eyes.
I wish you were here
Lying by my side

Even space men need
Someone to keep them warm at night.

Maya, my oh my
How I do miss you.
Reading Stephen Hawking
In my bunk is so lonely
When you are home on Planet Earth.

If I ever get back
Home to Planet Earth
I’ll get my life on track;
It will be a rebirth.
I cannot wait
To say how I’ve always felt
But we must navigate
This asteroid belt.

Even spacemen need
A little love from time to time.
Track Name: Sci-Fi Mind
My best friends in this world are all aliens.
The theme-song to my life will be played on Theremins.
I built a robot friend in my folks’ garage;
The idea came to me as I was reading Asimov.
I’ve got a sci-fi mind
I am drifting through hyperspace.
I’ve got a sci-fi mind.
Sometimes it’s hard to find my place.

The curvature of space a normal earthman cannot see,
But I am of a new race slightly different genetically.
The normal dimensions four, anyone can perceive.
But I can see six more; strange signals I receive.
I’ve got a sci-fi mind
I am drifting through hyperspace.
I’ve got a sci-fi mind.
Sometimes it’s hard to find my place.

No one believed me when I predicted they would land,
But oh, how wrong they were when they shook their heads and laughed.
We were building a time machine when the invaders beamed us up.
Now we ride this shiny disc that is powered by the sun.
I’ve got a sci-fi mind
I am drifting through hyperspace.
I’ve got a sci-fi mind.
Sometimes it’s hard to find my place.