Boss man, boss man, leave me be.
Boss man, boss man, get off my back.

Every day I punch in; every day I punch out -
40 hours sometimes more.
I'm glad to have employment but it's hard to find enjoyment
when your job is a goddamn bore.
Boss man sign my paycheck.
I need some cash to get my honey's ring out of hawk.
Point your finger this way, point your finger that way,
my eyes are on the clock.

Work, work, work your fingers raw
with hammer, shovel, knife, and saw.
But we don't belong to you.
Work, work, work all night and day.
Now the time is right to strike for better pay.
We don't belong to you.

New day, same shit. Boss man has a fit
and calls me in behind closed doors.
Says "might as well admit it, you never seemed to fit in,
we won't be needing you no more."
All this he told me as if he'd just sold me
his face all ugly grimaces.
Then he called security so they could escort me
off the premises.

Boss man, boss man &ct.


from WE WON'T BE NEEDING YOU NO MORE (EP), released December 10, 2014


all rights reserved



James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

All songs, voices, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sequencing, tape and digital recording, artwork, design, packaging, and so on, by James Wesley Nichols, unless otherwise indicated.

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