Your kinda love is my kinda love 'cause
Your kinda love feels bad
Your kinda love is my kinda love and
It's the only love I ever had

You got dressed up as a priest
And then you dressed me as a nun
Then you broke my hands and feet
So I could neither struggle nor could run
You took me over your knee
And then you whipped me resoundingly
If this is love, if this is love
Then baby, never set me free!

You put your cigarette butts out
On my skin just for a laugh
Then you licked the burns all clean
And promised me a skin graft
You are who I do turn to
Whenever I am feelin' blue
Is this love, baby is this love
When all I do is boo-hoo-hoo?


from BOSS MAN​/​YOU'RE KINDA LOVE, released May 17, 2013


all rights reserved



James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

All songs, voices, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sequencing, tape and digital recording, artwork, design, packaging, and so on, by James Wesley Nichols, unless otherwise indicated.

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