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This piece is both a religious work, suited to inward prayer or meditation, and a recording made to observe the resonant characteristics of feedback in an electric guitar system. It was designed to affect the auditory, visual, and olfactory systems, as the observer is instructed to listen at high volume in a dark room with incense burning. The work reflects my current personal state of spiritual evolution - a striving towards inner peace and stillness, but with periodic and unpredicted disturbances.

The guitar was placed on a stand in proximity to the amplifiers. The angle of the two amps in relation to each other was 120 degrees, so the system of one guitar and two amps formed an obtuse triangle of 120/30/30.

To experience the piece fully, play the audio over a loudspeaker system capable of 1000 watts of output, with all lights turned off, and nag champa burning.


Various distortion pedals. Snares on and off. Guitar tone knob and pickup switch. Position of human body in relation to loudspeaker system.

Vibrations could be felt throughout my body, in the walls, in drums and drumskins, in the speakers cabinets. Drums picked up significant sympathetic resonance, especially in the heads.


1 x 12” speaker - Fender Blues Junior III
4 x 10” speaker - Fender Hot Rod Deville 410

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster tuned EG#EEG#G#

Distortion Pedals:
Electro Harmonix NYC Big Muff
ZVex Fuzz Factory
MXR Blue Box
Boss Metal Zone

Enforcer drumset


from SUMPATHEIA, released November 29, 2014
Performed and recorded by James Wesley Nichols on November 29, 2014 at The Sawmill - Greenville, SC.


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James Wesley Nichols Greenville, South Carolina

James Wesley Nichols is South Carolina's most eccentric and prolific underground recording artist.

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